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Be in with a chance to #win your very own flute.

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If your not in it you cant win it so get tagging your friends and sharing this page 🙂 It could be you!

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Flutation Australia

3 weeks 3 days ago


That first note... 👌

Debussy's 'The Girl with the Flaxen Hair' played by SAKURA:

Flutation Australia

3 weeks 6 days ago

This concert will feature fantastic flute playing from Aaron Luke Rothemund

It's our birthday - come to the party!

Flutation Australia

4 weeks 1 day ago

Flutation Australia shared Simone Maurer - Flute's post.

One week until my 'Flute Fantastique' concert in my hometown, Mackay. Yesterday, the local newspaper published this article:


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  • Media Release – ELENA KATS-CHERNIN’s Flute Concerto Night and Now - After a fortuitous conversation with flautist Sally Walker, a Coogee bank teller introduced her to his mum. 15 years later his mum has written a concerto for her talented and dear friend. ELENA KATS-CHERNIN’s Flute Concerto Night and Now WORLD PREMIERE Darwin Symphony, 24 October 2015 MELBOURNE PREMIERE Zelman Symphony, 5 December 2015 15 years ago a ...
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