Angus McPherson

Flute Tutor Australia is excited to feature the talented young Australian flutist, Angus McPherson.

Angus studied with Alexa Still at the Sydney Conservatorium and has made a name for himself as an avid performer of contemporary flute music. He is well known for performing pieces that require unusual or extended techniques and even mechanical additions to the flute, such as Robert Dick’s Glissando Headjoint. Angus has also presented classes and written articles on extended techniques and contemporary flute playing and has been active on the committee of the Flute Society of New South Wales.

Flute Tutor Australia caught up with Angus earlier in the year.

FTA: What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

AM: Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege of performing for both Robert Dick and Gergely Ittzés at international masterclasses. Working with such innovative composers on their own pieces was a fantastic experience. I attended Robert’s masterclass in Seattle in 2010 and I was fortunate enough to meet up with him again the next year, in New York, to interview him as part of the research for my Master’s thesis on the Glissando Headjoint.

Last year I was also invited to perform with the International Opera Theater in Italy. I played flute, piccolo and alto flute in the pit for the European premiere of their production, Decameron. The opera was composed collaboratively by seven different composers; each setting to music a different story from Giovanni Boccaccio’s Il Decamerone. We did a series of performances in Citta della Pieve and Citta di Saluzzo.

FTA: What drew you to contemporary music?

AM: I was introduced to the music of Robert Dick, Gergely Ittzés and Ian Clarke by my teacher, Alexa, and I quickly became fascinated by the new sounds and techniques. I feel that there are things that can be said musically, using extended techniques, that can’t be expressed using only the ‘traditional’ flute sound. I think it is important, perhaps even vital, that we as musicians and flutists explore these things and contribute actively to the advancement of our art. Loftier musical aspirations aside, it’s also fun!

FTA: What are your plans for the future?

AM: I have some exciting performance opportunities coming up in 2013, which will soon be announced on my website, and I have also arranged to work with several Australian composers on developing some new repertoire for the Glissando Headjoint.


See Angus performing Ian Clarke’s The Great Train Race on YouTube

For more about Angus, visit

Follow him on twitter @GusMcPherson Or “Like” on facebook


Catch Angus in Recital in Sydney on Australia Day 2013 details below and on Angus’ website (via link above)

St Stephen’s Australia Day Recital 2013 – Angus McPherson (flute)

A recital of solo flute works: a selection of modern pieces that have been newly added to the AMEB flute syllabus.

  • Gergely Ittzés – Mr Dick is Thinking in Terms of a Blues-Pattern
  • Astor Piazzolla – Tango Etude No. 3
  • Christine Draeger – Melusina’s Dream
  • Robert Dick – Fish are Jumping
  • Ian Clarke – The Great Train Race
St Stephen’s Uniting Church, 197 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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