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Paul Rabinov is known as the flute repair technician to the stars of the Los Angeles recording industry as well as orchestra and studio players in LA. Paul studied with Roger Stevens and graduated in 1981 from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Music, Flute performance. Paul apprenticed with Robert Gilchrist before establishing his own repair shop specializing in flute repair and restoration for the past 37 years. Paul is Straugbinger and Muramatsu certified. After several trips to Japan to train with the flute makers at Muramastu, Paul is now recognized as the lead technician in the United States and serves as the training school for Muramatsu USA.In 2012 Paul was a panelist at the National Flute Association Convention teaching the Interactive Guide to Flute Repair, and he frequently  presents training and private coaching to professional technicians as well as continuing his private repair practice.


Jim Phelan, conservatory trained as a horn player, became General Manage of the Powell Flute Company where Lillian Burkhart made flute bodies, keys, padded flutes and piccolos and tested instruments. In 1980 Jim invented the alloy Aurumite, a layered combination of flute and gold used mainly in tubing of flutes. Together in 1981 Jim and Lillian founded Burkhart-Phelan Inc, to provide subcontract services to Powell for the manufacture of Piccolos. In 1984 Jim aquired the Powell Company. He left Powell in 1989 to finish his mechanical engineering degree. Upon graduation Jim entered the world of mechanical engineering designing electron beam guns, automobile components and surgical instruments. In 1997 Jim rejoined his wife in building instruments, uniting his engineering skills with his 18 years of flute making expertise. Today Burkhart-Phelan is a world leader in Flute and Piccolo manufacturing  with their state-of-the-art workshop in Shirley, Massachusetts and satellite workshop in Tiajin, China serving the Asian Market. As well as managing Burkhart-Phelan Asian assets, Jim is president of Elan Flutes.  In 1980 Jim authored the Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo, with the second edition published in 2006. It is known as the definitive reference book for flute repair and maintenance. Jim is in high demand as a lecturer in repair, building and acoustics worldwide.
In day 1 we cover fundamentals of flute anatomy, concepts which include identifying mechanical and adjustment problems, hands-on experience (including assembly and dis-assembly and basic adjustments). This will be geared towards flutists who want to assess the condition of their own instrument, and understand how to make simple adjustments. Topics will include: how to diagnose problems, how to determine when to attempt a repair yourself (vs sending to a technician), basic repairs a teacher could perform on a student flute. Participants will bring their own instrument to work on during the class.

DAY 2 & 3 – JANUARY 10TH & 11TH

Day 2 and 3 are geared towards those people with an interest in more in-depth learning, those considering repair as a career, and current professional repairers seeking Professional Development without having to travel overseas. These days will mostly focus on pads and padding, including specific needs for the custom pads in many Professional level flutes. There will also be time spent on mechanical repair and plenty of opportunity for participants to ask specific questions for unusual problems. Those participating in these two days will have the opportunity to observe Paul Rabinov as he services local  professional flutes.

10:00 am - 4:00 pm
FluteFix Workshop
87 Gladstone Street
Southbank, Melbourne, VIC

Ever considered a career in flute repair?
Are you a student or teacher wanting to learn how to look after your flute and make small adjustments?
Maybe you are a professional wanting to gain more knowledge on using brand specific padding?

FluteFix Repair Workshop is a 1-3 day training course in Flute Repair and maintenance. Hosted by Orchestra Victoria Principal Flute Lisa-Maree Amos, this workshop is being presented by Paul Rabinov from Los Angeles, and Jim Phelan from Boston. This is the first time this training has been offered in Australia and an unique opportunity to learn from two international master technicians.

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