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The Fisenden Flute Ensemble ( FFE ) is a group of passionate professional West Australian flute players who have, in recent years, made significant strides in developing their craft as world class performers and have garnered a great deal of attention both at National and International levels.

The FFE (a not for profit group) was formed in 2007 by their Director, Neil Fisenden , who after an esteemed career as a well known orchestral Principal Flautist, ( in both the Adelaide and West Australian Symphony Orchestras for over 30 years ) decided to embark on a long held dream to provide younger professional players with a performance avenue that would be both challenging and ground breaking. To this end he set about purchasing a Contra Bass flute (the first in the Southern Hemisphere) and bass and alto flutes that would provide the group with the necessary full spectrum of flute range and sounds. The vision also included forming a non-professional group of more inexperienced players called the Fisenden Flute Orchestra who were afforded the same opportunities of ensemble training.

Being proudly Australian, Neil and the FFE is passionate about encouraging Australian composers and passionate about show casing their music to the world! It needs to be noted that many of the pieces written for this type of ensemble hail from the U.S. and are largely arrangements of known works but not always applicable to Australian audiences. Whilst entertaining, these works do not necessarily challenge either the listener or the player a great deal. So, the FFE set about encouraging Australian composers to write works specifically for the group. The resultant works have been fantastic.

The first major FFE self funded project was attending the 37th National Flute Association’s Convention in New York in 2009 to perform as an invited Ensemble. For this performance a work was commissioned by Fisenden Music to be debuted at the Convention. The work “Telegraphed” was written by Iain Grandage and subsequently recorded by the FFE for their first C.D of the same name. The debut of this exciting work with its haunting indigenous quality was hugely successful as it explored new and fascinating textures and technical challenges that hadn’t been heard before. Other Australian composers were also featured in this New York programme.

As a result of this success the Ensemble was asked to perform as invited soloists at the Australian Flute Festivals in Adelaide in 2009 and in Canberra in 2011. The Ensemble has organised and performed many fund raising concerts in their home city of Perth to facilitate these trips. Last year they performed a concert for The Woodwind Group in Sydney to an enthusiastic audience. On the strength of their success in New York they were invited to submit a proposal to attend the 2012 National Flute Association’s 40
th Convention in Las Vegas this year. After a rigorous audition process the FFE was invited to attend as the highly profiled Main International Ensemble. They will travel to and perform at Caesar’s Palace ( The NFA Convention venue) in Las Vegas from August 7th to the 13th and perform two concerts at this prestigious world class event. Prior to their trip the FFE will be staging a concert on Sunday July 29th at The University of Western Australia’s Callaway Auditorium. The concert will start at 3 p.m. and will feature Melbourne based Low Flutes Specialist Mr. Peter Sheridan who will be flown from Melbourne for this event (click here to view the flyer for this event). Peter Sheridan is regarded as one of the finest exponents of Low Flutes in the world and will be a fascinating addition to a fantastic concert also featuring the new works commissioned for the Fisenden Flute Ensemble to be played in the U.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the FFE and to wish them well as they represent Australia at this world class event.

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