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 Special Thanks to Shaun Barlow and Angus McPherson for their input and guidance with regards to the creation of this resource page.

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  • Barlow, Shaun. “Beatbox Flute in 2011.” Flute Focus, December 26, 2011.
  • Barlow, Shaun. “A Heritage in Extended Techniques” Flute Focus, May 2012.
  • Jicha, Victoria. “Beatboxing with Greg Pattillo.” The Instrumentalist 64, no. 2 (September 2009): 22–24, 26, 54.
  • Pattillo, Greg. “Beatbox Flute.” Flute Focus, October 2009.

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  • Dirko Juchem is a German jazz flute and sax player with some handy resources for learning flute beatboxing. They’re available at
    • “16 flute solos in jazz flute beatboxing style” is a CD and booklet containing some instructional material and a few brief compositions. It is written in both English and German.
    • “Modern Flute Concept” is a method that Juchem has put together. I haven’t seen it but he tells me that it contains much of the same content as the CD booklet above. It’s been about a year since we communicated last – I might try him this week to see if he’ll send a copy and let me review it. Also, it might be only available in German.

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Web Resources

Beatbox Flute Players



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General Beatboxing Resources (sans flute)

WARNING for young flute players from Shaun Barlow: “Tender flute player be warned! Beatbox websites may contain traces of street culture. I haven’t kept tabs on which of the following contains strong language, euphemism, innuendo, graffiti, bad haircuts and/or cheesy t-shirts worn by kids from the wrong side of the tracks.” is your one stop shop for tutorials, articles, discussion forums, demonstrations and more on all things related to beatboxing (without the flute). This site will help you transform into a beatbox wizard covering everything from microphones and mashups to hoodies and hip-hop. It’s dedicated contributors include beatboxing luminaries such as Fat Tony, and Gavin Tyte.

Beatbox Battle TV YouTube Channel – – To see some of the world’s best beatboxers pulling out all of their best and most bizarre moves watch a few of the videos on this channel. Just don’t take the acts of bravado too seriously.

Stowell, Dan. “The Beatbox Alphabet,” A proposed system for beatbox notation. Whilst it is not necessarily the best fit for flute beatboxing, it’s very interesting to see all of the various sounds that Stowell lists as being core to beatboxing.

Concerto for Beatboxer and Orchestra. Anna Meredith, 2010. This is an innovative collaboration between the composer, beatboxer Shlomo and London’s Southbank Centre. This is the first example of beatboxing and associated vocal effects being used with an orchestra that I have come across. It’s definitely got links to pieces like Ligeti’s Aventures. Score available from Video is online at

Lederer, Karen. “The Phonetics of Beatboxing.” This is an undergrad dissertation that gives an excellent background on where beatboxing came from. Leeds, UK: Leeds University, 2005.

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