FeBland International Flute Project

A message for all flute players from Mark Walton

“Over the past few months I have been recording a large number of little known English clarinet pieces with David Miller here in Sydney. These will in time become a CD or series of CDs. I have been able to track down all of the very much living composers and the resulting dialogue and warm friendships across the globe are just a delight.

One such composer is Londoner Jonathan FeBland who is a hugely prolific and talented composer. Jonathan composers in a huge range of styles and his pieces tend to be short rather than epic. He says what he wants economically and knows when to stop Jonathan’s music is not over complex for the sake of it so you find time to master his pieces without giving up your day job.

Like all composers breaking into the realms of the mainstream is almost impossible so this is where you can get involved.

Jonathan would love you to contact him and he will send you one of his pieces to learn, record and upload to YouTube. If this process is daunting for you this is where I can help. I personally find this a really creative process and all along the way Jonathan and I will be encouraging you.

The recording can be done very simply on almost anything with a good recording app. To make a video for YouTube I download images from google that I think suit the music as I don’t think anyone needs to watch me squinting at the music.

How exciting it is to produce the world’s first recording of a new piece!”

This promises to be a fantastic project and will provide many many flute players with some amazing experiences!  Flute Tutor Australia are very excited to both take part in this project and also to learn from it!

If you would like more information, please contact Flute Tutor Australia and we will put you in touch with Mark and Jonathan!