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Low Flutes – Peter Sheridan’s site www.lowflutes.com is packed with great information

Chris Potter Flute – Chris Potters site www.chrispotterflute.com is another fabulous low flute focused site jam packed full of resources and reference material

Hogenhuis flutes

The Kingma System Alto Flute – A Practical Guide for Composers and Performers

The Kingma System Bass Flute – A Practical Guide for Composers and Performers

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On Flute Tutor Australia

Developing Tone on the Alto Flute – By Dr Christine Potter

Alto Flute: choosing a curved or straight head-joint – By Dr Christine Potter

Monologues and Dialogues – Peter Sheridan | Low Flutes – A review by Shaun Barlow

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The Low Flute Family

Alto Flute:  In G

Bass Flute:

Contr’alto Flute:  The Contr’alto flute in G is an octave below the Alto flute.

Contrabass Flute:  Sounds a full two octaves lower than the C-flute.  You can see/hear the contrabass flute here

Subcontrabass Flutes:  The range of the Subcontrabass Flute in G starts half an octave below the Contrabass Flute. Or two and a half octaves below the C-flute.  You can see/hear the subcontrabass flute here and here

HyperBass Flute: It’s HUGE!  check out this video of Sir James Galway ‘meeting’ Peter Sheridan’s Hyperbass flute.  Here’s how they are made

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Wirripang and the Australian Music Centre are also great resources for locating some wonderful Australian repertoire.

Further to the above link, as part of her Graduate Diploma Research Project “A Preliminary Investigation of Australian Repertoire for Alto Flute”, Semester 2, 2013, Karen Anson compiled a detailed listing of Australian Low flute repertoire which can be viewed below

“The following repertoire list consists of compositions, which feature the alto flute. The purpose was to create a definitive list of Australian alto flute repertoire for other musicians wishing to perform on this instrument. The following repertoire has been divided into three sections consisting of solo Alto flute; Alto flute with piano and Alto flute featured with other instruments.”

Australian Alto flute Repertoire
Solo Alto flute
Bieniek. M., (1976) Questioning the Manx Clasti 2001
Cornwell. L Melting Pot 1993
Cornwell. L., Cantata
Czaplowski. P., Elegia 2007
Dench. C., Artaud 1989
Dench. C., Caught breath of time 1989 (Alto flute & C fl)
Dench. C., Gelb: violet 1989 (Solo fl, alto & piccolo)
Ford. A., (b.1957) Spinning 1988
Ford. A., (b. 1957) Female Nude 1993
Formosa. R., (b. 1954) Silhouette 1986
Hopkins. S., (b. 1958) Journey to the East 2006
Hush. D., (b.1956) Three Pieces for Alto flute/ flute 2000
Kelly. N., (b. 1957) Mantodea 1986
O’Callaghan. S., (b. 1999) The Elements
Pollard. M., (b. 1957) Under Simple Stars 1989
Powning. G., (b. 1949) Daphnis Diversion 2013
Powning. G., (b. 1949) Ghost Waltz 2013
Reiner. T., Five Propositions for Alto flute
Shanahan. I., (b. 1962) Dimensions paradisi 1998
Tahourdin. P., (b. 1928) Music for Solo flute 2009 (C fl & Alto fl, 1 player)
Tiutiunnik. K., Apoteosi 1995 (1 player: Alto fl, piccolo, C fl.)
Alto Flute/Piano
Beath. B., (b. 1932) Music for Gillian 1988
Beath. B., (b. 1932) Nawang Wulan 2006
Davidson. L., (b. 1963) Mediterranean Blue 2007
Edwards. R., (b. 1943) Retrospective 2009
Grenfell. M., (b. 1969) On a Moonlit Night 2000
Grenfell. M., (b. 1969) Poems of a bright moon 2000
Grenfell. M., (b. 1969) These Dark Notes Drifting
Page. R., Sonetos del amor oscuro 2004
Strahan. D., (b. 1935) Atlantis 1992
Alto Flute/Other Instruments
Broadstock. B., (b. 1952) In Chains 1989 (Alto fl. & guitar)
Kats- Chernin. E., Colours of the Sea 2004 (Alto fl, violoncello & piano)
Colbert. B., (b. 1956) – of two minds 2008 (Alto fl & guitar)
Dench. C., (b. 1953) Venezia 1989 (Alto fl, flute & bass fl.)
Edwards. R., (b. 1943) Emily’s Song 2003 (2 Alto’s & bass flute)
Gyner. E., (b. 1968) Trio Sonata 1994 (Alto fl. A clarinet & piano)
Hooley. B., Toot Suite 2011 (Flute & alto fl.)
Mageau. M., Serenade 2004 (Alto fl, harp & cello)
McNamara. P., (b. 1980) Distorted Waters 2007 (Alto fl. & cello)
Morris. C., Forest over the Sea 2013 (Alto, Bass fl. & piano)
Pollard. M., (b. 1957) Thrice Removed 1985 (Flute No.1, alto fl no.2, flute, no.3)
Rosiak. M., (b. 1977) Shadow Game 2012 (Alto & bass flute)
Stanley. J., (b. 1976) Four Desert Flowers 2010 (Flute, alto & marimba)
Werder. F., (1922-2012) Flotenspiel 1994 (Alto fl & 2 flutes)
Werder. F., (1922-2012) Paisago 2003 (Alto & bass flutes)
Wesley-Smith. M., (b. 1945)  Intervention 2009 (Alto fl. & cello)



A selected repertoire list for both instruments on the National Flute Association website http://www.nfaonline.org/Stage-and-Studio/Low-Flutes that was compiled by the Low Flutes Committee. The list is divided into difficulty levels A through K with K being the hardest. The list includes solo as well as chamber music pieces, and includes works with flute choir if the alto or bass is a featured soloist.

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