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Flute Technique Karate is a sequential approach to assist students with learning scales and arpeggios in a fun way which provides a sense of achievement.

Teachers can assess student progress in lessons using the level requirements sheets and completion of each level gives the student the right to display a white band either on their instrument or on their bag/case and/or to receive a certificate of completion for that level.

In order to qualify for completion of each level, students must be able to play the required scales and arpeggios from memory with all of the specified articulations and at the specified metronome speed/s.

For the first 4 levels, it is possible to print a free copy of the scales and arpeggios.

Level 1 – White Band

Level 2 – Yellow Band

Level 3 – Orange Band

Level 4 Green Band

Level 5 – Blue Band

Level 6 – Pink Band

Level 7 – Purple Band

Level 8 – Red Band

Level 9 – Brown Band

Level 10 – Black Band


Technique Karate was created by Rosalie Bourne, an Australian Flute player and teacher and the Founder and Principal of Flutation Australia (formerly Flute Tutor Australia)

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